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A Fright at the Festival
Yeemik's Back Baby!

After their successful destruction of Wyvern Tor the group was treated to a festival in their honor by the good people of Phandalin.

Merr'der'braz was knocked out in one round of Punch Drunk at the Stonehill Inn, the crowd of course assumed such a mighty hero must have thrown the match out of kindness to his opponent.

Is'lar put up a valient effort in What's That Smell, losing in the final round as she was unable to identify the tell-tale scent of Dwarf ass. She cornered the game organizer afterwards demanding to be sold the Dwarf ass for snacking, unconcerned with how it was still attached to a live Dwarf. Fortunately the organizer was able to deceive her into thinking the mutton he sold her was in fact Dwarf ass.

App-relag actually won her game of Ball Under the Cups with a quick eye and faster hands earning the party a little gold.

When they rejoined one another in the Stonehill Inn for some drinks Merr'der'braz noticed a shady character lurking by the door. Getting up to approach the character fled as the group chased him out into the woods.

Slaughter at Wyvern Tor
Or was it, no survivors to contradict

After taking a contract with the mayor of the town the players headed out to Wyvern Tor to deal with band of orcs. Axe-Biter their leader had been scouting out Phandalin for a raid and his reinforcements had just arrived, including one big ass Ogre.

After some careful positioning and a bit of talking, all hell broke loose. At one point a Green Dragon showed up that barely made it out of their alive. With only a few orcs managing to escape the party had managed to slaughter the entire tribe, before enslaving a few to mine out a large rock column that seemed to support the cave structure. None of the forced labor was able to survive the collapse of the cave and now only a few lone orcs wandering the wilderness are left alive to spread the tale of the atrocities that happened there.

Iarno Glass-Staff Shattered
Out of the Frying Pan by casing Fire!

Upon arriving in Phandalin the group settled down in the Stonehill Inn with just enough time to rest before an assassination attempt was made by their old pal Yeemik. Seemed Glass-Staff wasn't too keen on Yeemik's treason and dispatched him to clean up his loose ends. A brief fight, some heart eating and a decapitation later, Yeemik and his goons were being burned in the town center.

After a short bar fight with the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant the crew were off to finish the brutes, having tortured the secret entrance to their lair out of one of the bar fight participants. After a bit of skulking around the crew were discovered by Iarno who made short work of organizing his remaining forces for an ambush. Pinned into one room, flanked by archers on one side and Iarno on the other the group did what any self respecting adventure troupe would, dealt out some fucking Area Of Effect damage. Using a scroll they'd pilfered from Iarno himself the crew tossed out a fireball to melt the wizard bastard. Disheartened most of his remaining troops fled, those that didn't were slaughtered.

Dealing with a small Nothic on their way out the crew found a magical longsword named Talon in the treasure trove on their way out.

Klarg's Down in One Round!
And feather fall pays off!

After being marched through the Cragmaw hideout by Yeemik, passing right by all kinds of cleverly laid traps and ambushes, the group arrived at the top of a cliff, face to face with Klarg. Klarg congratulated himself for a bit, yammering on about how great he was before unceremoniously throwing Arsar right off the cliff. Seeing that this wasn't going well, Merr'der'braz and Is'Lar promptly dropped their ruse and straight up murdered Klarg with a necrotic grasp and some sharp axe work.

Arsar who had feather fallen to safety (much to the surprise of the DM who'd believed he'd scored his first player kill) made his way back up just in time to see Yeemik be extremely hardcore. Seeing that he'd now attained leadership of the Cragmaws, Yeemik wasn't about to let any dissenters fill his ranks. He sent out messengers to gather the tribe beneath the dammed up river below Klarg's den to hear the news. With his faithful by his side he opened up the floodgates, drowning many and slaughtering the survivors.

With a bit of a grudging fearful respect for Yeemik the crew headed out to finish their delivery.

Klarg's a Dick
A negotiation

As it turns out, the captured Goblin was a member of the Cragmaws, a group of goblins lead by a Bugbear named Klarg, who according to the group's new captive was a "dick". Always the ever enterprising troupe the crew decided to send back their captive to his crew to negotiate on their behalf with Klarg. The plan was to sell Gundren's supplies to Klarg for a fee and continue on their way.

Things got a bit more interesting when a small band of goblins showed up, announcing they'd been sent their to finish off the group. Unfortunately for poor Klarg, he didn't realize that Yeemik, the fellow he'd sent to head up this attack also thought that Klarg was a dick. So with a little negotiating the crew decided to re-enact the old captured wookie trick and have Yeemik march them up to Klarg as captured prisoners so they could assassinate the fucker and split his possessions with Yeemik.

Oh Shit! Arrows!
Tiamat's totally cool with eating hearts, it's fine.

About half a day down the Triboar Trail which led to Phandelver the group saw some serious nastiness. "Oh shit!" Is'Lar the gross-ass Orc warrior proclaimed as she gazed on the seriously tore up corpses of a pair of horses studded with arrows.

Surely these misfits would have been next if it hadn't been for the keen eyes of Merr'der'braz which spotted a group of goblins laying in wait. Putting on their best impression of people who didn't know there were goblins trying to kill them, the group was able to close much of the distance before letting all hell loose in a counter-ambush.

A few loosed arrows, weapon swings and cast spells later there were next to no survivors. After a bit of eating hearts and mild decapitation, Arsar the drunken bard charmed the lone surviving goblin in an attempt to learn more.

Sure, Whatever
How this shit all got started.

A small band of layabout wanna-be adventurers were hanging about Neverwinter as some dumbass dwarf and what the group suspected to be his iron-clad boytoy happened by. The pair introduced themselves as Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter to the group's general apathy. As it would turn out the pair were looking for someone to escort a cart of supplies to Phandalin, offering 10 gold pieces to each member of the group willing to escort it.

You'd think adventure would be on its way, but these were your typical greedy millenial type fucks, so of course they demanded more coin. A rather flustered Gundren bartered for a bit before ultimately agreeing to throw in the cart as after the supplies were delivered he wouldn't be needing it much. This was an oddly persuasive bit of negotiating considering the group had no clear need of a cart (especially considering donkeys weren't included).

Once Gundren had departed the louts initially pondered selling his supplies right there in Neverwinter, but ultimately got bored and decided against it. After getting themselves ready, which largely consisted of zero steps (the bunch of homeless vagabonds), the adventurers set off on the road to Phandalin.


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