Angus DMs

Sure, Whatever

How this shit all got started.

A small band of layabout wanna-be adventurers were hanging about Neverwinter as some dumbass dwarf and what the group suspected to be his iron-clad boytoy happened by. The pair introduced themselves as Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter to the group's general apathy. As it would turn out the pair were looking for someone to escort a cart of supplies to Phandalin, offering 10 gold pieces to each member of the group willing to escort it.

You'd think adventure would be on its way, but these were your typical greedy millenial type fucks, so of course they demanded more coin. A rather flustered Gundren bartered for a bit before ultimately agreeing to throw in the cart as after the supplies were delivered he wouldn't be needing it much. This was an oddly persuasive bit of negotiating considering the group had no clear need of a cart (especially considering donkeys weren't included).

Once Gundren had departed the louts initially pondered selling his supplies right there in Neverwinter, but ultimately got bored and decided against it. After getting themselves ready, which largely consisted of zero steps (the bunch of homeless vagabonds), the adventurers set off on the road to Phandalin.



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