Angus DMs

Slaughter at Wyvern Tor

Or was it, no survivors to contradict

After taking a contract with the mayor of the town the players headed out to Wyvern Tor to deal with band of orcs. Axe-Biter their leader had been scouting out Phandalin for a raid and his reinforcements had just arrived, including one big ass Ogre.

After some careful positioning and a bit of talking, all hell broke loose. At one point a Green Dragon showed up that barely made it out of their alive. With only a few orcs managing to escape the party had managed to slaughter the entire tribe, before enslaving a few to mine out a large rock column that seemed to support the cave structure. None of the forced labor was able to survive the collapse of the cave and now only a few lone orcs wandering the wilderness are left alive to spread the tale of the atrocities that happened there.



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