Angus DMs

Oh Shit! Arrows!

Tiamat's totally cool with eating hearts, it's fine.

About half a day down the Triboar Trail which led to Phandelver the group saw some serious nastiness. "Oh shit!" Is'Lar the gross-ass Orc warrior proclaimed as she gazed on the seriously tore up corpses of a pair of horses studded with arrows.

Surely these misfits would have been next if it hadn't been for the keen eyes of Merr'der'braz which spotted a group of goblins laying in wait. Putting on their best impression of people who didn't know there were goblins trying to kill them, the group was able to close much of the distance before letting all hell loose in a counter-ambush.

A few loosed arrows, weapon swings and cast spells later there were next to no survivors. After a bit of eating hearts and mild decapitation, Arsar the drunken bard charmed the lone surviving goblin in an attempt to learn more.



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