Angus DMs

Klarg's Down in One Round!

And feather fall pays off!

After being marched through the Cragmaw hideout by Yeemik, passing right by all kinds of cleverly laid traps and ambushes, the group arrived at the top of a cliff, face to face with Klarg. Klarg congratulated himself for a bit, yammering on about how great he was before unceremoniously throwing Arsar right off the cliff. Seeing that this wasn't going well, Merr'der'braz and Is'Lar promptly dropped their ruse and straight up murdered Klarg with a necrotic grasp and some sharp axe work.

Arsar who had feather fallen to safety (much to the surprise of the DM who'd believed he'd scored his first player kill) made his way back up just in time to see Yeemik be extremely hardcore. Seeing that he'd now attained leadership of the Cragmaws, Yeemik wasn't about to let any dissenters fill his ranks. He sent out messengers to gather the tribe beneath the dammed up river below Klarg's den to hear the news. With his faithful by his side he opened up the floodgates, drowning many and slaughtering the survivors.

With a bit of a grudging fearful respect for Yeemik the crew headed out to finish their delivery.



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