Angus DMs

Klarg's a Dick

A negotiation

As it turns out, the captured Goblin was a member of the Cragmaws, a group of goblins lead by a Bugbear named Klarg, who according to the group's new captive was a "dick". Always the ever enterprising troupe the crew decided to send back their captive to his crew to negotiate on their behalf with Klarg. The plan was to sell Gundren's supplies to Klarg for a fee and continue on their way.

Things got a bit more interesting when a small band of goblins showed up, announcing they'd been sent their to finish off the group. Unfortunately for poor Klarg, he didn't realize that Yeemik, the fellow he'd sent to head up this attack also thought that Klarg was a dick. So with a little negotiating the crew decided to re-enact the old captured wookie trick and have Yeemik march them up to Klarg as captured prisoners so they could assassinate the fucker and split his possessions with Yeemik.



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