Angus DMs

Iarno Glass-Staff Shattered

Out of the Frying Pan by casing Fire!

Upon arriving in Phandalin the group settled down in the Stonehill Inn with just enough time to rest before an assassination attempt was made by their old pal Yeemik. Seemed Glass-Staff wasn't too keen on Yeemik's treason and dispatched him to clean up his loose ends. A brief fight, some heart eating and a decapitation later, Yeemik and his goons were being burned in the town center.

After a short bar fight with the Redbrands at the Sleeping Giant the crew were off to finish the brutes, having tortured the secret entrance to their lair out of one of the bar fight participants. After a bit of skulking around the crew were discovered by Iarno who made short work of organizing his remaining forces for an ambush. Pinned into one room, flanked by archers on one side and Iarno on the other the group did what any self respecting adventure troupe would, dealt out some fucking Area Of Effect damage. Using a scroll they'd pilfered from Iarno himself the crew tossed out a fireball to melt the wizard bastard. Disheartened most of his remaining troops fled, those that didn't were slaughtered.

Dealing with a small Nothic on their way out the crew found a magical longsword named Talon in the treasure trove on their way out.



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