Angus DMs

A Fright at the Festival

Yeemik's Back Baby!

After their successful destruction of Wyvern Tor the group was treated to a festival in their honor by the good people of Phandalin.

Merr'der'braz was knocked out in one round of Punch Drunk at the Stonehill Inn, the crowd of course assumed such a mighty hero must have thrown the match out of kindness to his opponent.

Is'lar put up a valient effort in What's That Smell, losing in the final round as she was unable to identify the tell-tale scent of Dwarf ass. She cornered the game organizer afterwards demanding to be sold the Dwarf ass for snacking, unconcerned with how it was still attached to a live Dwarf. Fortunately the organizer was able to deceive her into thinking the mutton he sold her was in fact Dwarf ass.

App-relag actually won her game of Ball Under the Cups with a quick eye and faster hands earning the party a little gold.

When they rejoined one another in the Stonehill Inn for some drinks Merr'der'braz noticed a shady character lurking by the door. Getting up to approach the character fled as the group chased him out into the woods.



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